“Best of 2018”

Here we are in December, almost the end of the year! Time for my “Best of 2018” photographs! 

As I’ve done for many years in a row now, I’ve looked through my images over the last year and found the ones that I like the best. These are my personal favorites. Some of the images you may have seen before, and others maybe not. I hope you’ll take the time to look through this assortment of photographs and I surely hope you will enjoy them! 

I wish all of you the very best during this Holiday Season, and into the New Year! My warmest wishes to everyone for a happy, adventurous, prosperous, and beautiful New Year in every aspect of your lives! 

“Floating on a Summer Breeze”
“Point Pelee Reflections”
“That Motor City View 2”
“Jackson Park in Spring”
“From a Golden Perspective”
“Forest Canopy”
“Sweet Autumn Memories”
“November Fifth Remembered”
“One Fine November Morning”
“As Winter Leaves Niagara Mono”

“Last Light on the Farm”

I customarily show ten images each year in my end of the year post, but I leave you with one extra photograph this year of a peaceful sunset on a farm. 

I wish for all of you peace, blessings and harmony always! 


23 thoughts on ““Best of 2018””

  1. As always, beautiful photos Rachel. Looks like you had some great adventures out there exploring, and brought back some gems. Thanks for showcasing all our state has to offer!

    • Hi Mark, thanks so much! It was a good year especially in fall. As you know, Michigan has amazing beauty and diversity, and I’m really thankful to have witnessed to much of it this year!!

    • Hi Sarah, I really appreciate you stopping by! This fall turned out to be one of the most colorful of the past few years. I was really happy to be able to photograph a lot of it! All the best to you and your family as well in 2019!!

    • Hi Joe, we do get really good fall color in this area! It’s for sure my favorite time of year! The lone tree at Niagara Falls is really beautiful and each time I go I always have to photograph it again lol. Happy 2019 to you as well!!

  2. Love this very Midwest/Eastern mix of images. I imagine these would all look great and sell well as fine art prints. My favorites are Point Pelee and Last Light on the Farm, but I really like the others as well.


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