Barns and Wildflowers

Driving past huge fields of wildflowers on a dirt road in Superior Township, Michigan, I stopped abruptly and just gazed in amazement! After my initial gasp of happiness, I continued to drive for a fe... Read More

“Sailing with You”

Watching over waters blue, My thoughts and memories return to you. The days go by like a billowing sail, The nights stay long as time does trail. I remember well with fondness true, Of my time spent s... Read More

“Reflecting Angles”

On a recent foray out into the wilds of Ann Arbor 😉 , I went in search of architecture, and architectural details to photograph. There are so many great opportunities for all types of architecture ... Read More

“Sky Down”

For all of those who now have 2-3 feet of snow dumped on their area, and those who have seen their share of storms and clouds this winter. I thought you might be in need of a taste of summer again. Th... Read More