“Dogwood Curtain” 2

“Dogwood Curtain” 2

-Dogwood Curtain-  mono 2

A day of pink
Of blossoms fair.

Wind blows gently
Petals flare.

Distant thoughts
My soul to share.

Far off bench
Anyone there?

A day in spring
The world is new.

Among the blossoms
I’ll be with you.

~~ Rachel Cohen~~

“Time Well Spent”

When I think of time spent out in nature, to me it’s time well spent. On one of my visits into Shenandoah National Park. I stopped at the Dickey Ridge Visitors Center.

It was really quiet. There had been storms and fog, in and out of the area that day, so there weren’t many people there. The ones that were there had a lovely scenic vista and relative peace and quiet!

This view caught my eye, I really wanted to get the bench into the scene. I waited to see if I would be able to capture it without anyone there, but that didn’t happen during my short time at Dickey Ridge. I needed to move on down the road to some trails that were calling my name! 🙂 I decided to capture this scene with one person sitting enjoying a bite to eat, taking in the fresh mountain air, and scenic view. Another person off to the side readied herself to take some photos without feeling hurried by other people, just taking it all in.

I rarely include people in my images, but in this instance I’m really glad that I did. They add a dimension to the photo that makes it more complete.

As we head into the last stretches of summer, into the fall season. I find myself still processing images from springtime.

So enjoy spring in my images now, and summer outdoors while it’s still here. For soon I shall be posting lots of autumn wonder, and fall foliage!! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend ahead to all!!

-Time Well Spent-

“Front Royal Town Square”

This past spring I had the opportunity to spend some time not only in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but also a little wandering around some small towns, especially Front Royal, Virginia. My favorite area of course was the historic district.

This scene is of part of the town square, which isn’t actually shaped like a square, but it is a lovely park with a beautiful gazebo in the center, in the historic district.

I decided to go really wide with this shot. I would like to have had a Fisheye, but didn’t have one unfortunately! Maybe next time! 🙂

The colors and tones really came out nicely against the beauty of the blue sky and clouds. It was a picture perfect day!!

After spending a few hours walking up and down the streets of Front Royal, I headed up into the mountains. The weather you see here was totally different from what I experienced just a few miles away, and a couple of thousand feet higher in elevation.

If you’ve been checking out any of my images on 500px. You may have noticed that! 🙂

“Front Royal Town Square”

-Front Royal Town Square-

“Flowers and Stone”

Flowers and stone
Spring dreams

Tumbled boulders
Timeless past

Season’s renewal
Wildflowers sprout

Perhaps unnoticed
Perchance to be seen

I have noticed
I have climbed

Life ever changing
Reaching new heights

Flowers and stone
Of God’s Gifts
We do delight

by Rachel Cohen