“Abstract Photography”

As many of you all know. I’ve spent quite a bit of time doing abstract images this fall. I have really enjoyed doing them, and plan to continue with them as well as doing my usual landscape, nature, and other types of photography.
I think from what I can see. Abstracts are something that you either love or hate. Feel a connection to or just want to dismiss.
For me, each image can be seen and thought of in so many ways. They can tell many stories. I could tell you exactly what the images are of, where they were taken, what the weather was, etc., but that takes all the imagination out of it.
I prefer to leave my abstracts for each individual to put their own ideas or thoughts into it. Imagine whatever they want it to be.
I’ll leave you with some of my latest abstracts. See how you like them, or not. It’s all up to you! 🙂

Relax your mind, let it flow……
A free flowing black and white image……
A bright and vibrant abstract…..

3 thoughts on ““Abstract Photography””

  1. This is certainly a different looking post than the first one I commented on!

    I like abstract photos for the way they can evoke a feeling without an obvious “subject”.

    Another bonus is that they can often be printed to good effect without having to worry so much about substrate or resolution.

    Here’s one that I printed on canvas as a Christmas present for my mother last year.

    Good light,


  2. I love abstract unfortunately I don’t seem to shoot many of them, I think I’m usually focused on getting “the shot” instead of seeing the possibility of one no matter where I am. Thanks for the great reminder (and examples!) of looking for and making abstract images, I hope to be able to share more soon.


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