“Bridging the Huron”

During the day today, I spent many hours, as a lot of you have, watching the news about the tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon. Following the news events on twitter which come out even faster, and watching in horror as more and more images, and information of this sad day evolved!

I want to send out my thoughts and prayers to all those people, their families, and their friends that have been affected by this days horrific events! I want to send you my best wishes, hope for better days to come, and healing to begin!

I thought I’d also take the time to express some other thoughts that I have in my mind. The way I see it, all of us on this big beautiful planet are brothers and sisters of each other. We are here to take care of each other, and to take care of this amazing planet earth and everything on it, that has been given to us as a trust.

Today’s tragic event in Boston is another one in a long line of so many injustices that have happened or are happening in cities and towns around this nation, and also around the entire world.

There have been so many recent horrific events in our own country that have happened to totally innocent people, like what happened today in Boston. This is a very sad fact!

What many people don’t realize or even think much about though, is that there are so many people around the world in other countries that are suffering beyond anything we can possibly imagine. They are being tortured and killed by their own governments. People in countries that are completely oppressed by outside forces. Whole nations of human beings that are held hostage by the raving madness of one man in charge, or by their own countries government officials.

My wish for all of us here in this country and for everyone in the entire world is to bridge the gaps we have between each other. Join together for the sake of humanity. Be brothers and sisters to each other. No matter the continent, the nation, the language, the religion, nor the color of our skin.

Extend our hands out to each other, cross the bridges and come together as human beings to help overcome the injustices that abound both here in this country, and around the world.

I see this image below of a bridge across a river as the bridge we can use to cross and join forces with each other, for the good of all mankind!

I see the reflections in the water as the reflections of life. Reflections of different people’s lives from all around the world.

The colors of the foliage in the many trees represents the colors of skin, the different religions, the beauty of the worlds languages, and all other differences you can think of.

We are the world. We are beautiful! We can work together to help solve the problems of humanity, even if it be as little as one leaf at a time. One word of comfort, one hug, one beautiful photo, one kindness.

We are not lost, it is not too late! With each adversity we have the ability to become stronger and closer, but we have to also try to bridge the gap of ignorance that exists, and embrace the beauty of the people and countries in this wonderful world around us!

I extend my hand, my heart, my prayers and my thoughts to all those who are suffering both here, and around the world tonight, and in the future!

This image is called “Bridging the Huron”, but for tonight I think it shall be called “Bridging the Gap”

Bridge across the Huron River during autumn!
Bridge across the Huron River during autumn!

15 thoughts on ““Bridging the Huron””

  1. Very nicely stated, Rachel. It is truly a shame that there are those who have dedicated themselves and their lives to hatred and destruction. Nonetheless, we will persevere and continue with our way of life, which can never be defeated.

    I really like your choice of image here. It is very symbolic of what we must do, bridge this event and return to normalcy as best we can. Much like this image, no matter how you look at it, there is beauty that awaits on the other side. 🙂

  2. A poignant, well written and passionate piece of writing Rachel. What a senseless act against people observing or participating in an event that will raise huge sums of money for many worthwhile causes across the world. Since when has charitable work been an enemy to anyone? Next weekend it’s the London Marathon (an event I have participated in several times), I pray that race will stay safe.

  3. Wonderfully said Rachel. I couldn’t have said it better. This is so close to home for me living in CT. So sad to witness these type of events no matter where they occur.

  4. This is beautifully written, Rachel. The symbolism used with the photo is wonderful and heartfelt. There is too much hatred and injustice in this beautiful world. We need to embrace each other and our differences. I’ve been going about the past two days as any other day. I had no idea this tragedy occurred. I’m now taking some time to reflect and send prayers to all those affected by this senseless and cowardly act.


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