“Civil War Drill at Greenfield”

Just a really quick post today. I had the opportunity to go to a Civil War remembrance and re-enactment day at Greenfield Village yesterday.

The day and weather were gorgeous! The re-enactors were fantastic, and there was so much to learn for all ages!!

In this image the Union soldiers were performing a drill on how to use a canon. If I remember correctly it was a 6 pounder. Not a fast nor easy thing to do, but these guys gave a great show, and seemed to both take it seriously and at the same time have fun!!

They performed many types of scenarios, and timed drills. Things sure were different back then!!
I certainly admire what they had to go through!!

In future posts I’ll be putting up many more images. Some of them portraits.
It was such a great opportunity to meet so many people that really love the Civil War time period and have researched and lived it in their re-enactments.

Thanks to all for such a memorable day!!

"Civil War Drill at Greenfield"

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