“Concept of Infinity”

Well guys, as some of you might have remembered from last year…… It’s auto show time again! The time in January when winter has hit in full, and you need some excitement to brighten your day! The place where I explore lights, camera, and action! The 2014 Detroit NAIAS, where there are halls of flashing lights, displays of shiny new cars, and not to be forgotten, enormous crowds of excited people!

I bring you just one image today. A cool slice of a concept car from Infinity. A bright and shiny orange delight!

This will be the start of a series of automotive images. Some as abstract, some automobile details, and others as full cars. I hope you enjoy the ride! (Pun intended) 😉

Concept of Infinity
Concept of Infinity

8 thoughts on ““Concept of Infinity””

  1. Love the composition, framing and light here. Made the car look alive. Well done Rachel. Managed to get the over head light lined up very nicely almost giving the “eye” a eyebrow so to speak.


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