“Corvette C7.R”

The new Corvette C7.R (Race Car) was unveiled at the same time as the new Corvette Stingray Z06, at the Detroit NAIAS this past January. I had looked forward to them eagerly! Both cars share many of the same design and performance attributes, and were developed at the same time. It took all of the engineering expertise and technology for both new versions of the Corvette to succeed.

The C7.R has the same fuel-saving and power-making direct injection technology as the Corvette Stingray Z06, The difference here with the race car is that it has a 5.5-liter V-8 instead of the supercharged 6.2-liter V-8.

Both cars are mounted to a highly ridged aluminum frame, and to be able to reduce drag and create down force, the vents, the scoops, the extractors, the wings, and the under-body panels all act together.

The outgoing race car for Corvette, the C6.R, and it’s performance on and off the track were instrumental in helping the designers and engineers in developing the new Corvette C7.R and the Corvette Stingray Z06.

Here are two different vantage points, or views of the C7.R. As can be imagined, both the race car, and the Z06 were highly anticipated and much sought after in terms of viewing.

I was able to squeeze in a few shots while getting really low on the floor, and the rest while either kneeling or standing.

If you missed seeing the Stingray Z06 in the last post, please check it out. If you’ve already had the opportunity, then enjoy its cousin the C7.R! 😉

"Corvette C7.R Race Car"
“Corvette C7.R Race Car”
"Corvette C7.R Race Car"           Front view
“Corvette C7.R Race Car”
Front view

4 thoughts on ““Corvette C7.R””

  1. The C7.R is a beautiful car but one thing that struck me about it is that the rear end do reminds me of the Austin Martin DBR9 race car as well the Jaguar RSR XR2 race car. But at least the front of the car is uniquely Corvette. The regular C7 in side profile on the roof line and trunk lines has a crazy resemblance to the Ferrari Italia 458. The C6 had a more unique roof line and I find it a bit sad that the C7 roof line started to look so much like so many other sports cars out there. But it’s still a Corvette and still a absolutely gorgeous car.

  2. Good Lord, I am weak in the knees!! I am clearing out the garage right now, making room for one of these!! Next on my todo list… sell some prints to buy one! LOL Great, great shots here Rachel, I love your PoV on these, you’ve accented the raw drama in this incredible supercar.


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