“Dappled and Dripping”

While out on a walk a while back I found a small pond which contained several types of geese, ducks, and a a pair of mute swans.
I’m not at all an expert on any type of bird or water fowl, but this goose closely resembles the shots I have of a Toulouse Goose taken many months ago. Feel free to correct me identify this one if I’m wrong.
I got in many shots, but there were so many geese and ducks that it took a while to get one that I could single out. I like this shot because of the dappled colors of his feathers and the water dripping from his beak.
He was continuously dipping his head in and out of the water in search of food.

Lovely goose in a pond

3 thoughts on ““Dappled and Dripping””

  1. Gorgeous little bird, pretty sure it’s a Greylag goose; we had some in my local park recently & I looked it up on RSPB website as I didn’t know what it was either. They will quite happily mingle with Canada geese on lakes etc, but they don’t fly with them (to the best of my knowledge)


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