“Dawn of Calm”

In the last post I gave us a bit of summer warmth and cheer. Something I think lots of us needed at the time! In this post I’ve brought you an abstract image of a sunrise from earlier this the fall on a cold morning off of Lake Huron.

The colors in this were just like an apricot with golden tones. Really beautiful in it’s own right. This didn’t start out as an abstract, but as I went to process it, it seemed to me that’s just where it fits.

You won’t find anything in this image except pure gorgeous color, a clear horizon, and a calming spirit. Relax and enjoy! 🙂

Abstract Sunrise
Abstract Sunrise

14 thoughts on ““Dawn of Calm””

  1. Holy smokes, Rachel, this one reminds me a LOT of pictures I’ve seen that have sold for millions of dollars. Please don’t forget the little toads when you are famous!! FABULOUS image, my dear friend, absolutely fan-flippin-tastic!


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