“Golden Ginkgo”

This fall has been a bit unusual in many ways in SE. Michigan. I know that the summer drought contributed to a very early shedding of leaves before their time, which lead to a disappointing start.

But after the initial non starter of color, we finally received quite a bit of rain and some colder nights! This brought out some really vibrant autumn color on many of the maples and also the ginkgo trees, which I always look forward to every year!

The morning I photographed these ginkgo leaves it was rainy, misty, and really foggy. I think it shows off the color and lusciousness of the rain on the leaves. I love the vibrant golden hue of the ginkgo leaves!


“Luscious Ginkgo Gold”
Beautiful golden Ginkgo leaves on a misty fall morning after a rain.


“Rainy Day Ginkgo”
More rainy day ginkgo beauty!



I hope you enjoyed these fall images. I’ll be sharing a few more images from the season in the next couple of posts. All of our autumn color is gone now so I guess it’s time to get into all my photographs and see what I actually have.

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead all!



4 thoughts on ““Golden Ginkgo””

  1. We had a Ginkgo in the garden of of our previous house and the colours of the leaves in Autumn were always special. Not an easy leaf to photograph but these are so atmospheric and those little droplets of rain add something extra. Good work, Rachel

    • Hi Andy, Thanks very much! I really love the Ginkgo and look forward to its colorful leaves every fall. It’s an easy one to miss. I have to check every few days on the trees close to me to make sure I don’t miss the color change.


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