“Goose Dipping at Niagara”

Earlier this year, or should I say last year..oops. Yep, it’s 2014 now. I was at Niagara Falls for several days. On my last day there, and in the last few minutes of photographing the falls themselves, I noticed something on the very edge of one of the falls.

Upon closer inspection it was a goose, and not too far from it, a gull. He was just sitting casually, as if it were an every day occurrence to be on the edge of a huge waterfall! I was very concerned with the goose though, because in my mind, just one large push of water, and down it would go. Of course, geese do fly, and that is probably not what would have happened.

I didn’t have a long enough lens on to get a close-up, but that wasn’t really what I was there to photograph in the first place. I was able to get several images with the goose in the frame, however, I liked the composition of this one the best, even though he happens to be dipping his head into the water.

So after all is said and done, this image isn’t really about the goose at all, it’s really about Niagara Falls, the beauty, the flow of water, the wonderful colors, and the experience of being there. The goose was just an added bonus, and what a life he lives! On the edge, literally!

"Goose Dipping at Niagara"
“Goose Dipping at Niagara”

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  1. I know this composition! Were you following me Rachel? Nice version of the falls. In answer to your question last week about my exposure on the falls, it was shot at f22 for .8 of a second @ .66mm. I usually shoot a longer exposure but the water was moving so quickly. Thanks for your comment

    • LOL Len, that was so funny! When I saw yours I was still working through my photos, and found one with a similar comp. I wish my exposure had been longer like yours was, I loved yours! The day for me was really sunny and my ND filter wasn’t that good. So I got what I could, with what I had. Next time I’ll go at a different time time of day, and ,or with a 10 stop filter! 🙂


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