“Rockin the Terraplane”

This post is a really simple one. I have an image of a really cool Terraplane. Don’t ask me the year, for I haven’t a clue! Well maybe a 1935. Feel free to let me know! 🙂

This baby is gorgeous Ruby Red!! I processed it first in color, then again in B&W using Nik Silver Efex Pro.
I tend towards the color version, but I do like the way it processed in the monochrome also!

Your mission should you chose to accept is to………………let me know which image you prefer and why. 🙂

“Ruby Red Terraplane”

-Ruby Red Terraplane-

“Ruby Red Terraplane” mono

-Ruby Red Terraplane- mono

11 thoughts on ““Rockin the Terraplane””

  1. The colour version does it for me. Red is such a striking colour and unless you need to tone it down for some reason or another I feel it is a shame to loose that vibrancy. In this photo particularly, the colour is what makes the image. I can see the mono version has its own charm and emphasises the various lines and curves but it is not enough to sway me – but then, I am essentially a colour person, mostly anyway, so I am biased 😉

  2. Both are processed equally beautiful and preference here is a matter of taste. I think I’d use the red one when taking my true love in her lovely dress to the ball, and the black one may be better suited for a drive to the golf course and afterwards to my club. Nice whitewalls.


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