“Barn of White”

Among many other types of structures, barns are one of my favorites. Somehow the most common color that I see used on barns seems to be red, if any color, or paint if used at all.
I came across this barn and other buildings and was struck with its beauty. Someone had done such beautiful work on this and the others matching it.
It certainly has a picturesque feel to it. The field leading up to, and surrounding it. The woods behind and to it’s side, and the stormy way the clouds hung over the entire area.
It was enough to make me stop the car, turn round in the middle of the road, and get out for a good long look and a few shots, which was all I was able to do, then it started to rain. I imagine this whole area would be gorgeous in autumn in a blaze of color!!
What a backdrop that would make for this lovely barn in white!!

Beautiful Barn in a Field
Beautiful Barn in a Field

“Forgotten Spiral”

I love spiral staircases, and don’t often see them. The huge lavish type are a whole different story. I hope to see some of those and photograph them some day!!
These spirals are from an historic lighthouse, a lovely old one, and are really showing their age. The metal spiral stairs that were at one time painted a bright white have become rusty, well worn and dirty over time.
I decided to process this image in keeping with the total feeling of the lighthouse. It brings out even more of that beautiful old historic and worn feel!

The beauty of old spiral stairs!
The beauty of old spiral stairs!