“The Scent of Spring”

Although I know that not everyone who reads this is in the deep endless cold, wind, and snow of winter. I can venture to guess that many of you are!

I am one of those who actually looks forward to, and loves winter. The season offers its own beauty and the fun of winter sports. This year though we seem to be having an extra large dose of the cold stuff. The Polar Vortex, and many clippers have given many of us some of the most difficult weather in a few decades!

To help you out of winter dreariness and blues I give you two of my recently processed images. Peonies! One in a vibrant flaming fuchsia, and the other a soft creamy white!

In early June here, depending on the weather these beauties burst forth in many varieties and colors. The blossoms only last for a couple of weeks, but it’s something myself and many others wait anxiously for! It is time I feel is well spent both enjoying and photographing these gifts of late spring!

I am not well versed on the exact varieties. I just enjoy them for what they are. Pure loveliness!

If anyone knows the specifics, feel free to let me know. If not, then just enjoy this pure peony love!

"Peony Flame"
“Peony Flame”
"Peonies in White"
“Peonies in White”