“The Cool of the Evening”

This image speaks for itself, so my words will be few. This is one of the images from my series “Sunsets over Water”. When looking for a title, the first thing that popped into my mind was the first words in a song “In the cool of the evening” by Dusty Springfield.

Now the rest of the lyrics in that song seem in no way related to this serene image, as you may know. The evening though, when this was taken was COOL and peaceful.

So I just started singing this song, and the next thing you know. There’s the title!

Relax, gaze into this soothing sunset from Northern Michigan, and enjoy!!

Pure Michigan Sunset
Pure Michigan Sunset

8 thoughts on ““The Cool of the Evening””

  1. Fabulous colours, Rachel. Dusty Springfield was a wonderful singer – That was a great era. Strange you mentioned Dusty, only a few days ago I mentioned the Small Faces hit ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’ in a post. Same era.


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